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As the Room Goddess of the Forest of Shadows, I welcome you to a realm of endless possibilities and encourage you to let your imagination run wild.  After all, isn't that what rp is all about?  Have a kingdom of your own you'd like to bring to life? Let me know and I'll add it to the page.  All genres are welcome--fantasy, sci-fi, horror, realistic, etc.  Unless there are problems, I will not require approval for your characters or rp. Have fun!

Art Gallery

Room Goddess:Lydia-mun
Room Guardians(mods):Not-so-evil-mun, Jimmie, Ethical Relic

The World of FoS

Click the map for a close-up of the main rp area
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The world of FoS can be called whatever you like--the Forest Guardian calls it New Home, others call it Nexus.  It's up to you.

There is no government in FoS (at least on the continent of Anarchy--on other continents I haven't mapped, you may create an entire kingdom if you like), and thus there are no justice systems or laws.  In the city (Nexus City), there are vigilantes to keep the order (feel free to rp one if you like).  However, in the distant Tavern-on-the-Hill and the Forest of Shadows, it is strictly survival of the fittest.

The Forest itself is a Nexus point, therefore, any kind of character you can imagine is able to wander, stumble, journey, quest, or stroll casually into this world.  I allow fantasy, sci-fi, horror, realistic, and any other genre of character you would like to play.  I encourage dark and sinister characters as this world is not intended to be a gentle one.

Nexus City is a bustling urban area resembling any modern-day city, though being a little more like the comic-book type Gotham, with tall, elaborate statues and colorful characters both on the side of good and the side of bad.  It is populated mostly by mortals, though there are areas where instead of it being "Chinatown" or "Little Italy", it's a neighborhood of furries or cyborgs.

The Forest of Shadows is vast, stretching across the length of the continent of Anarchy, and then covering a large area to the north and south, its northern edge stopping at a mountain range called the Dragon's Jaw Mountains, and it's southern edge bordered by a vast grassland resembling the Great Plains (where there is rumored to be a surviving tribe of Native American Indians--feel free to rp them if you like).

The lake I haven't named yet.  It is large, and in some places it literally has no bottom. (Isn't magick a wonderful thing?)  There are a few scenic areas where streams empty into the lake with little waterfalls, and one nearly inaccesable waterfall that is about 150 feet high.

The Dragon's Jaw Mountains are riddled with caves, and a favorite residence of dragons.  It is the northern edge to the Forest of Shadows, and the southern edge of the desert, spanning the length of the continent of Anarchy.  There is a volcano there, but it is presently dormant and the lava flow is to the desert side, so the forest is safe from any inconvenient eruptions.

The desert covers the entire northern half of the continent of Anarchy, becoming grasslands towards the eastern edge.  There may be a few kingdoms in the desert, if you would like to rp one there.

There are villages in the forest itself, the only one I have listed at the moment is New Haven, a hidden forest sanctuary protected by a Guardian named Laura.  Elf or other creature with a problem with iron? Visit The Silver Lining in New Haven for weapons of silver and other metals, enchanted to be extra strong and plenty sharp.

There can be just about anything else you want to add--let me know and I'll put it here.
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1.) Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
2.) Please keep pics under 350 x 350 pixels or 40 k
3.) No "forbidden" body parts in pics, please (some peeps are online in public places and can get into trouble because of others' pics.)
4.) Keep arguments to PM-land.  I do NOT want to see public fights, and most especially not someone replying publically to someone else who was considerate enough to keep the argument to PM's!
5.) I shall have very little patience with people looking to upset others delibrately.  Be forewarned
6.) Rules may change without notice, but please don't give me reason to add more!
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Until problems arise, I will not set rules for how battles are to be fought.  So long as everyone can be grown-up about this, it will not need any rules.  Please settle any disagreements in PM's.
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Have fun--I encourage variety, but I prefer if there is something other than a lot of super-powerful characters that can destroy a city at a whim.  I will allow evil characters, good characters, neutral characters, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, realistic, young, old, in-between, elves, dragons, bug-people, aliens, androids--go for it.  I will not require approval for characters unless there are problems!
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